The Standards for Biomass
Supply Chain Risk

De-risking Capital Market Investment in Biomass

Standards drive investment into biomass

The BSCR Standards are a step-change advancement in the state-of-the-science for assessing biomass feedstock risk. They de-risk capital market investment in biofuels, biopower, biochemicals and bioproducts.
The Standards enable capital to better structure around feedstock risk. With over 230 validated risk factors and indicators for agricultural and wood biomass supply chain systems, they are the most comprehensive compilation available today of risks that can impact biomass feedstock supply.

By providing investors with a superior means for evaluating and mitigating feedstock risk, the Standards allow capital to flow more easily, more quickly and less expensively to biomass-based projects.

Amount of deployable capital to bio-sector from the 40+ members of the BSCR Risk Ratings Review Committee

The Benefits of Integrating Standards into Investor


The BSCR Standards support key participants in the bioeconomy to better achieve their goals.
Here’s how:

Capital Markets image

Capital Markets

⦁ Help manage risk and prevent exposure.
⦁ Enable capital to properly structure around feedstock risk.
⦁ Faster and more accurate investment decision-making.

Governments image


⦁ Drive needed capital into biomass-based projects.
⦁ Prevent project failure and subsequent dampening effects on future investment in the sector.
⦁ Enable government to accurately calibrate suitable levels of support.

Developers image


⦁ Enable access to a wider pool of less expensive capital.
⦁ Gain clarity on feedstock risk and mitigation insights.
⦁ Decrease likelihood of project failure due to feedstock risk.
⦁ Create more resilient projects.