BioDesign is a proud supporter of our partner, BIOTECanada’s, Global Biotech Week 2020. This year has been unlike any Biotech Week before it. Biotech was a growth sector before COVID-19, but with this crisis at our doorstep, biotech in Canada has stepped up to the plate to help Canadians get through this. Through our BioDesign partnership, we along with BIOTECanada and our other partners, BioNB, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada, FPInnovation, Forest Products Association of Canada, have been developing a roadmap forward for Canada’s bioeconomy and biotech plays a big role in it. 

You can find out more about BIOTECanada and #GBW2020 here: and you can either find events taking place across the nation or have your biotech event listed on their website. 


About Global Biotech Week 



Canada was the first country to originate a national Biotech Week back in 2003. What began as a modest advocacy and awareness string of events experience where provincial partners gathered grew into a national success story which gained traction and snowballed to encouraging EuropaBio to establish their own annual week of events in 2013. Today whether in United States, Europe, Australia, Canada or elsewhere, biotech innovation is becoming increasingly central to the global competitiveness of the industries and sectors that form the economic foundation of economies. 

The purpose of Global Biotech Week is to raise awareness of the industry and its global potential among policymakers, policy influencers and the general public more broadly. All countries are invited to join in on the celebration and use Global Biotech Week to showcase their country’s success and the industry’s global significance.  

For more information or to take part, contact Andrew Byrne at