On July 28, 2020, our BioDesign Supporters, Nextfor, an industry-led ecosystem of intentional collaborations in Ontario’s bioeconomy launched an important initiative for the forestry industry.

We all know the challenges facing not just this industry, but many important industries to the Canadian bioeconomy lately, and Nextor in partnership with The Nawiinginokiima Forest Management Corporation (NFMC) are looking for innovators to help solve some of their gaps in supply chain technology.

“Across Ontario, the forestry industry is faced with timber hauling logistics challenges. Currently, the hauling capacity cannot match the pace of harvesting equipment and mill consumption. Wood is often left roadside longer than it should be in many forest management units, waiting for transportation before being brought to the mills.”

In order to solve this issue, Nextfor and NFMC have released an Expression of Interest (EOI) call for your solutions to support autonomous technology for timber supply logistics. They hope to understand the availability of innovative tech solutions in Ontario and then capitalize on it for the benefit of the forestry industry there.

Do you have a unique solution to the following problems?

  • Trucking solutions
  • Fleet management systems
  • Logistic systems
  • Load configurations technology
  • Support tools
  • & MORE!

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