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Because of sudden COVID-19 events, many professionals and students are now required to work from home. We have received numerous requests for self-study material on the RETScreen Clean Energy Management Software. The best place to start is our free eLearning channel on YouTube. The channel is set up for users to view videos top to bottom, left to right.

Here is the URL to the Channel

This channel has over 65 videos and cover all aspects of RETScreen Expert, including the benchmark, feasibility, performance and portfolio analysis modules. There are step-by-step videos for energy efficiency, clean power and cogeneration feasibility analysis. We have recently added new step-by-step videos for the performance analysis module, including measurement and verification (M&V). There is also a section dedicated to videos prepared in collaboration with our large global user community; these videos cover topics such as M&V, the healthcare sector, municipalities and user tips & tricks.

Our eLearning videos will not only help you develop skills in using RETScreen but also broaden and deepen your knowledge of energy management and clean energy. Access to the videos is completely free. All videos are available in French, and a selection of videos are available in Spanish & Chinese as well.

In these unprecedented times, RETScreen Customer Support remains fully available through LinkedIn or by e-mail.

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